Glossary - Integrated Packaging SYSTEMS

Box Measuring

  • The longest dimension is the “FIRST” dimension.
  • The second dimension is the “WIDTH”.
  • The third dimension is the “HEIGHT or DEPTH”
  • Note: “Only measure the inside dimensions of the box”. Take the mid-way point between the scorelines.

Pad Measuring

  • The “FLUTE “direction or Width is the First measured dimension.
  • Note: “SCORING direction if it’s WITH or AGAINST the direction of corrugation.”


Glossary – Integrated Packaging Group
Glossary – Integrated Packaging Group

Flute ‘A’ is thickest with least amount of corrugations and has good cushioning properties.

Flute ‘B’ is fine is very perfectly suited for printed packaging boxes and for sales and distribution.

Flute ‘C’ is medium and the most common and suitable for folding boxes. In C flute alone more than 50 fluting profiles can be produced.

Flute ‘E’ is the thinnest flute used for displays, small packaging and retail boxes. Great for printing graphics.

Grades of Material

Virgin / FDA: Premium material FDA/CFIA approved.

Off Spec: Virgin material that does not meet the CFIA/FDA criteria.

Utility/Repro: Material will contain recycled materials.

Types of Poly

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE): The oldest type of polyethylene. A soft, tough and flexible polyethylene. Clarity of LDPE is good.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE): This is the sturdiest and most inflexible type of poly. Its increased barrier properties are used for improved freshness. Frosted/cloudy appearance to this bag decreases its clarity.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE): It has some features from both of the previous-mentioned types. Both flexible and sturdy products are made from it. LLDPE is extremely tough and inflexible.

Cast Polypropylene (CPP): CPP is crystal clear and has a crisp appearance to it. Polypropylene is normally tough and flexible. Ideal for the retail industry.

Mil: The unit of measure used to in the plastic industry to determine the gauge/thickness of material.

Bag Types

Plain Flat Poly Bag: 8inch x 12inch

Side Gussetted Poly Bag: 8inch x 4inch x 12inch

Flat Bag with Lip: 8inch x 12inch + 1.5inch Lip

Flat Bag with Lip: 8inch x 12inch + 1.5inch Wicket Lip

Reclosable/Zipper Poly Bag: 8inch x 12inch + 1.5inch Zipper Lip

T-Shirt Poly Bag – Shopping Bag: 10inch x 6inch x 21inch

Fold Over Die Cut Handle: 8inch x 12inch + 3inch FODC (Fold Over Die Cut Handle)