Custom Manufacturing of Poly MakeUp Wedge Bags for the Cosmetics Industry

In the highly competitive health and beauty aids market, it is imperative that even the most common products differentiate themselves to the consumer. At Belcorr Packaging (2005) Inc., we provided a client with an inexpensive solution for creating a stand-out package for their makeup wedges.

Constructed from a low-density/linear low-density poly blend to provide adequate strength at 2 mil thickness, we used an in-line and economical flexographic printing process to achieve the bold colors and sharp print clarity. Measuring 6″ in width x 11″ in length, they featured a re-closable zipper and a wicket tab configured to fit 250 bags on standard 3″ x 5″ wicket wires. The 1.0″ hang holes made it simple and fast for retailers to stock on their display.

We packaged these bags 1500/box to facilitate the clients filling operations. Our cost conscious solution allowed them to provide an attractive package at an attractive price point, perfect for the beauty industry.
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Custom Manufacturing of Poly Makeup Wedge Bags for the Cosmetics Industry

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Poly Makeup Wedge Bags - Project Highlights

Product Name

Makeup Wedge Poly Bags

Product Description

These Poly bags are used to package makeup wedges.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Heat Seal
Zipper Insertion
Printing (Flexographic)

  • Print Graphics to Client Specifications

7 Color Process

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Schjeldahl Bag Making Machine + Zip Pak zipper Machine.

Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness: 2 Mil
Length: 11.00″
Width: 6″
Re-closable Header: 1.5″Long
Hang Holes: 1″ Long

Material Used

Low Density / Linear Low Density Blend


Wicket Hang Holes made to fit Regular Wicketed 250/3′ Wire Re-closable
Header w/ Butterfly Hang Hole

In process testing performed

Constant inspections for print registration and zipper seal

Industry for Use



1,500 Per Box

Delivery Location

Toronto, Ontario

Standards Met

Customer supplied print

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