Development of a Custom Wooden Crate to Store & Ship Fabric Rolls

In the food industry, where the competition is fierce, manufacturers understand the value of a package that is visually appealing, sturdily crafted, and convenient for the consumer. At Belcorr Packaging (2005) Inc., we designed and manufactured the zipper bag shown here to package chicken breasts.

Utilizing an 8-color process, we printed the graphically rich and vividly colored design onto 3 mil clear polyethylene film, which would provide the sturdiness to handle the stresses of handling and transport and preserve the quality of the product. We added a zipper closure and placed a serration ¾” above. The serration allows the consumer to easily tear open the bag without having to hunt for a pair of scissors, while the re-sealable zip closure allows the package to also serve as a handy storage solution for this perishable food item.

When completed, each package measured with overall dimensions of 13.5″ in width and 17.75″ in length + 1.25″ for this zipper header. Ongoing inspections during production ensured that the artwork was of consistent quality from first bag to last and the zipper seals were all properly aligned in this order of 40,000 pieces.

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Custom Design of Zipper Bags for Chicken

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Custom Manufacturing of Zipper Bags for Packaged Chicken Project Highlights

Product Name

Chicken Breasts Packaging

Product Description

Custom Printing and Packaging

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Design
  • Printing
  • Packaging

Equipment Used to Manufacture These Zipper Bags

Sheldahl 30830 Poly Bag machine with a Zippak Systems zipper attachment

Overall Zipper Bag Dimensions

Width: 13.5″
Length: 17.75″ + 1.25″ Serrated Zipper Header

Tightest Tolerances

1/8 of an inch (+/-)

Material Used

3Mil Clear Polyethylene Printed 8 Color Process

Additional Facts

Serration ¾” Above Zipper

In process testing/inspection performed

Constant inspections for print alignment and zipper seals

Industry for Use

Food Packaging



Delivery/Turnaround Time

2.5 weeks from day of order

Delivery Location

United States

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

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